Tips for Summer Hair Care

It’s officially summertime, and that means a whole new set of challenges for keeping your hair happy and healthy. Spending more time outside in the elements means drier, more tangled, and unmanageable hair. Milk + Sass has the tips and tricks to keep your locks protected, detangled, and moisturized in the summer sun.  

Comfortable Is Key

When you’re spending your days under the hot summer sun, keeping your hair in an easy, loose, and comfortable style is a simple but effective way to keep your mane protected. Styles such as braids or plaits, loose messy buns and low ponytails keep your hair out of your way and out of direct sunlight. When you’re wearing your hair up a lot, it’s important to consider the quality of your hair tie as well. Sugar Twists by Milk + Sass are spiral coil hair ties made from eco-plastic, and give you all the hold of a traditional hair tie without the damage, pulling, or headaches. They also won’t get soggy or ruined in the water and are strong enough to handle even the thickest of ponies. 

Combating Beach Frizz and Tangles

We all know the secret to beautiful, shiny, flowy hair is keeping it detangled and frizz-free. A traditional size hairbrush is often too large to fit into a go-bag, especially for a day trip to the beach, leaving your hair to fend its own against the tangles caused by coastal breezes and ocean waters. Milk + Sass’s Macaron travel hairbrush is a perfect fit for summer beach living. Perfectly sized to fit easily in any bag, Macaron For Hair is a multi-use must-have brush made for life on the go. The pop-off cap keeps the detangling bristles clean and safe from sand and has a compact mirror perfect for fixing your style anywhere. This sweet treat of a hairbrush is available in 6 beautiful colors, and its uniquely adorable macaron design is sure to have your friends asking where they can find one for themselves! 

Hydration and Protection  

No matter the time of year, keeping your hair moisturized and protected is imperative for healthy, shiny locks, but in the summertime, it is crucial to replenish moisture lost to the heat and the sun. If you plan on spending the day in the outdoors, you wouldn’t think twice about sun protection for your skin, but what about your hair? Long exposure to the sun can leave it vulnerable to harmful UV rays, causing damage to the cuticle layer with dryness, loss of color and even creating split ends. Keep your hair frizz-free, hydrated, and protected with Milk + Sass Anti-Frizz Smoothing serum. Made with Kukui nut oil, Argan oil, and vitamin E, this serum gives your hair the moisture it needs, while keeping it protected from heat and UV rays, and smoothing unmanageable tangles. The kukui nut is found in Hawaii and is gaining popularity in the beauty industry because of its massive moisturizing and protective properties. 

Summer Hair Care Made Easy with Milk + Sass

Hair upkeep in the summer can seem like a lot of extra work, but Milk + Sass makes it simple. Be confident of any ponytail with durable, water-resistant Sugar Twists, upkeep and detangle from anywhere with Macaron for hair, and keep it moisturized and protected with Anti-Frizz Serum. 

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