What Yellow Flower Symbolizes?

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If you ask what a beautiful thing perhaps every woman likes the most, a flower will always include on the list. An appealing appearance a flower has makes it something that can win someone’s heart, especially a woman. Further, besides being pretty in the eyes, a flower also represents some meanings yet symbols behind it. For this case, the yellow flower is one example.

History of yellow flower 

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As we told you above, a flower can win someone’s heart through its beautiful appearance. It relates with any of woman’s favorites where they like things that look cute, feminine, and elegant.

That’s why gifting a woman with a bunch of flower petals never goes wrong. A flower that comes in bright color, yellow is recommended. Fortunately, she will be impressed by this act. Interesting, right?

Many believe that a flower that comes in yellow has been existed since a million years ago, more specifically, 32 million years ago. The first place where it discovered was in Northern Hemisphere. It was around Europe, America, and Middle East.

At that moment, those flowers colored in yellow were indeed rare. Mostly, flowers came in a pink or purple shade, reflected feminine that much. Later, the appearance of flowers in yellow slowly became massive, started by the Europeans who found them in Afghanistan and Southeast Asia. It was in the 18th century. Has it been a long time? Of course!

Are you curious what type of flower with the yellow petal on it that found out? The answer is roses. Yup, apart from the fact that people usually know roses with red-colored, it also comes in yellow with a variety of color ranges.

The symbolism of yellow flower 

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After reading the history of the appearance of the yellow flower for the very first time in the world, you might be wondering the symbolizes of any flower that comes in this color have.

Well, every flower happens for some reason, either for aesthetic pleasure because it belongs to the gifts from God for nature or because it contains a meaning behind it and symbolizes something. For this case, we can’t say that any flower that doesn’t come in feminine colors, for example, pink or purple, has no symbol behind it. They are all same from one to another apart from the color they have.

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So, when it comes to a flower in yellow, the symbolism behind it interprets many meanings where it’s way different depending on the type of the flowers. Here are some of them that we exclusively conclude for you.

1. Sunflowers

Is the anyone who doesn’t know sunflowers is? Described as a flower of summer, sunflowers that are identical for their appearance where the petals come in yellow symbolize good luck and long-lasting life as a part of Chinese culture.

2. Begonia

Some of you might not be familiar with this name, but begonia belongs as flowers that are yellow-colored. There’s a beautiful symbol behind this kind of flower. It represents richness, overwhelmed feeling, and joy.

3. Ranunculus

Unlike other flowers type, ranunculus is believed as a flower that has very little meaning. So, the symbolism of it is a little limited. Apart from that, a ranunculus usually represents a compliment to others. Ranunculus petals are usually crafted in a bouquet along with other flowers type.

4. Lily

Lily is well-known for its beautiful appearance that can strengthen the feminism of any woman. That’s why it becomes of one the components when it comes to perfumery. Not only beautiful in a person, but a lily also symbolizes something. Many people say that lily portrays rebirth and optimism. It’s suitable to be given to a woman.

5. Dahlia

Dahlia flower has been inspired many people to use its name. A long time ago, more specifically in the Victorian era, Dahlia was used to sticking two people’s hearts. Nowadays, the symbolism of beauty, elegance, and strength a dahlia has, makes it a flower that is perfect for a marriage.

6. Rose

A rose usually comes in bold red, screams the lust of love. As we mentioned above, there’s also a rose that comes in yellow. The symbol behind the red rose and yellow rose, practically almost the same where yellow rose represents love towards someone.

7. Marigold

Yellow belongs to the color range that is considered bright. That’s why it’s closer to the representation of how happiness looks like for many circumstances. However, in marigold, yellow does not always describe happiness, but in Mexico, it stands for death.

8. Orchid

Yellow is a genuine color, many people believe that, so is with orchids. This beautiful flower symbolizes friendship. You will never go wrong when it comes to an orchid flower bouquet that is crafted as a special gift for your best friend.

The symbol of the yellow flower suits every occasion

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The types of yellow flower are quite many. The species that belong to them might confuse you whether to which one to use for your beloved ones.

If you look for baby hamper singapore, you can choose a yellow flower as one of its decoration items that are perfect to complete the look of the beautiful hamper you’re going to gift to your friend.

Gifting someone can be very difficult, depending on what the event is. When it comes to an event to celebrate something, types of yellow-colored flowers, for example, the orchid flower is perfect if the receiver is your friend who just finished their study or getting a higher career position.

Even though any flower with yellow petals is always considered a symbol of happiness, in a few countries, it has different interpretations.

In Mexico, marigold, a specific yellow-colored flower symbolizes death, so it recommended to show grief at someone’s funeral.

You can always rely on the variety of yellow flowers Singapore FlowerAdvisor has on its catalog if you are still confused about which one to choose for the occasions you’re about to attend or send.

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