5 Reasons Why Fanny Packs Are Perfect for You

Late back in the era of tumultuous ’80s, belt bags became quite a rage. Laden with the craziest colors and unconventional designs, fanny pack soon became one of the most sought-after accessories, finding huge acceptance amongst the young and old alike. 

Now as we fast forward to the current times in the 21st century, the waist bag trend is witnessing a major revival.  These high utility bags seem to have hit the right cord even with the celebrities who are often seen flaunting them at the red carpet.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you must have them as part of your accessory. 

Practical and Comfortable: 

One of the major advantages that these bum bags have over the traditional totes and backpacks is that they are completely handsfree- Due to the unique ultra utilitarian belt design, you are no more required to hold them in your hands and neither will you ever face those irritating slips offs from the shoulders. 

Apart from this, fanny packs are super spacious and have multiple compartments. This allows you to neatly organize your essentials without worrying about the space.


Why choose between the convenience and style when you can have both? Besides being super useful, a waist bag is equally high on the designing quotient as well. As a consequence, even a minimalist leather bum bag is stylish enough to complement your sporty and well as casual outfits with ultimate ease.


Multiple Ways to Carry: 

When it comes to the banana bags, there are innumerable ways to carry them. Wear them crossbody, around the waist or even on the bumps- With adjustable straps, there are options galore.

Best Travel Accessory: 

Are you aware that your favorite fanny bag is not counted in the luggage during the air travel? No wonder, it is your best accessory when you are flying or otherwise. Tuck all your essentials in the multiple pockets and latch it close to your body as you make your way through the security access, to board the plane.

Unisex Designs: 

Another startling USP of the waist bag is its unisex design. Hence, men and women both can wear it around without much fuss. So next time you are tired, pass the load to your partner and they shouldn’t have any inhibitions carrying it.

With utilitarian designs and unmatched styling options, fanny packs are fast catching the trend and they are here to stay. 

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