Is it too early for us to say that “summer is just around the corner”?

Oh well, we’d still like to talk about summer. After winter, summer is the most awaited time of the year by the majority of people because this is where they can showcase their summer fashion, fun outdoor gadgets and other summer fun stuff to make you summer ready.

When it comes to summer-ready must-haves, sunglasses are probably number 1 on that list. They are functional and fashionable. Sunglasses can not only complete your look but also protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Something that has become very ‘fashionable’ and even more obviously important, is sustainability. All of us owe a debt to the earth and a responsibility to choose fashion that can help the planet. Wooden Sunglasses (like those from are about the most sustainable item you can wear on your body.  As we all know, wood is a carbon sink that can reduce our carbon footprint. They say when you are surrounded by wood, it has positive effects. It can improve your emotional state of mind.

Some Different Eco-Friendly Options For Sunglasses 

Skateboard Sunglasses

Maple Skateboard Sunglasses are recycled and made from Canadian Maple skateboard decks. Because of the wood grain, you get a unique with each pair, as each Canadian Maple piece is different. Maple is also one of the hardest hardwoods. Did you know that Maple has a beautiful, consistent grain that makes for a uniform appearance? While Maple lumber is a tonewood which means it can carry sound well, making it ideal for musical instruments such as violin, piano, drums, electric guitars and cellos.

Solid Wood Sunglasses

Make sure to check ‘wood glasses’ to make sure the wood frame is not plastic. Sometimes there will only be a veneer of wood, or partially made with wood, or sometimes just plastic made to look like wood. 

Bamboo Sunglasses

While not as eco-friendly (because of the use of adhesives to bind the bamboo together) as recycled sunglasses or solid wood sunglasses, bamboo sunglasses are still a better option than plastic. 

Why Sunglasses are Important

There are so many important reasons why sunglasses are important. First of all it is necessary because it protects our eyes through the light filtering capabilities. It also protects us from damaging sun rays. A good pair of sunglasses will also protect from the sun’s glare and can filter out 99% – 100% UV rays.

Eye risk of those not wearing sunglasses

Everyone is at risk when it comes to the UV rays coming from the sun. Those who spend long hours in the sun because of work or recreation, those who had cataract surgery and individuals who have certain retinal disorders. Some people are at risk of sensitive UV rays, including those who take some medication that can increase the eye’s sensitivity to light. In summary, no one is immune to sunlight-related eye problems. 

Do children need sunglasses?

This has always been a hot topic.  The answer is yes because like adults they are also exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. Here are some guidelines to ensure that we are providing the right information to the needs of our children.

  • Check the sunglasses regularly, annually or every half of the year would be best to ensure that they still fit well, and that there is no damage that would limit their ability to block harmful sun rays.
  • Always choose sunglasses that will suit your children’s lifestyle or activity. If strenuous activity is likely, it is best to provide an impact resistant and must prevent it from popping up. The frames should not be breakable and must be bendable.
  • Must be large enough to protect or shield the eyes from many angles and to block light that leaks in around the frames.
  • Always choose a wide-brimmed hat when going outdoors for added protection.

What are the risk factors brought by the sun?

When spring and summer are just around the corner, we always ensure that we protect our skin, but not all of us are good in protecting our eyes which is at higher risk. We are all susceptible to UV rays, but did you know that certain individuals are at high risk on the eyes due to sun damage? Here are some of the list.

People who have Light Coloured Eyes. Light coloured eyes are commonly sensitive to the eyes. It puts a higher risk of eye disease to the person because they do not have any protective pigment in the retina.

People are taking Photosynthesizing Drugs. One of the factors they have at risk is that they can make a person light sensitive. When one is taking this kind of medication people are susceptible to sun damage.

People who had cataract surgery. Cataract surgery is being done when one’s eyes become cloudy. Cataracts are also known for those who are ageing, but there are also instances where young ones are affected due to the medication they are taking.

Children. According to studies, children are more susceptible to these risk factors. This is possibly because they spend more time outdoors (under the sun) than adults do.  We also can see from studies now that many medical issues manifesting in adults were triggered from childhood events. This doubly increased the need to protect our children. 

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