When New Tattoo Does Itches?

Getting a tattoo comes with so many considerations and aspects that you need to know about. One of the most concerning issues that arise after getting a tattoo is itching. The itching can be reduced to some extent with the proper usage of the best tattoo aftercare products, but that will not be enough.

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Tattoos are supposed to be itchy, and it is the same for everyone. Hence, you are not the only one who happens to have an urge to itch a newly inked tattoo. It is to be true mostly when the tattoo is new and fresh. As the skin gets damaged with ink and needles, this may cause itching at some point of time during the initial period.

No matter what, you are seriously supposed to refrain from scratching the tattoo, especially during its healing period. If you still get to scratch, it might seriously damage the tattooed skin and surrounding skin. Also read–¬†Hair tattoo

Causes of itchy tattoos

Itchiness is most likely associated with a new tattoo, but an old tattoo can also trigger itchiness. Here are some reasons for which itchiness is seen after you get a tattoo on your skin.

Due to healing

Once you get inked, your skin gets damaged to some extent due to needles and ink. Hence, the affected skin is supposed to take some time for the practical healing process. As the affected area is inflamed and trying to prevent any infection as a repairing process, it may cause some kind of itchiness in the process.


Getting a new and fresh tattoo exposes the deep layers of your skin tissues’ epidermis and dermis. Hence, the inked area of your skin becomes vulnerable to get infected during the first couple of weeks of the healing process.

Therefore, if it becomes infected, then it can trigger some itchiness. There could be some small issues in this case, too, such as redness, swelling, etc. In this case, it would be better for you to consult a professional doctor.

Allergic reactions

The allergic reaction can be another reason for which you may develop itching issues after getting a tattoo on your skin. The tattoo pigment might be made from dyes, which are produced from plastic materials.

Using such ingredients and components on your skin may cause skin irritation or itching that you are supposed to take care of. You can have some medication if you happen to have an allergic reaction.

Ink contamination

If you develop some kind of ink contamination after getting the tattoo on your skin, it might cause itching. You are really supposed to visit a dermatologist if you happen to suffer from such issues after getting inked. Do not procrastinate if such problems arise.

Pre-existing skin conditions

If there have some kinds of pre-existing skin conditions, then getting a tattoo might cause some itching issue on your skin. Only a medical professional will be able to tell you as to what you should do in such cases.

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